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How to dress
Let’s make the atmosphere truly RaZzin’ by dressing to impress! Ladies and gentlemen you can fluff and powder puff to your heart’s content. In contrary to most other parties…at RaZzin,’ you cannot be overdressed. Divas and daring Dandies are favored guests. Take inspiration from the Shebas and Sheiks from the Roaring Twenties, the Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Vaudeville, Villains, Showgirls, Bohemians, and Burlesque dancers for a RaZzin’ look. Whether your personality is an elegant diva, mob boss, musician, poet or saucy chorus girl, we encourage you to show your creativity and use your sense of style and esthetics.
 You’ll enjoy sipping cocktails in the chic of the Twenties with a touch of Fin de Siècle and the bedazzling Hollywood glamour of the 30’s and 40’s.  ... You have nothing to lose….  apart you’re your innocence.

Tips, tricks, facts and links:


Bis (Shops - Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25 - Amsterdam)
Three completely different shops all in a row where all you Shebas en Sheiks can find loads of vintage treasures.

Bis army fashion & basics
A  high quality store full of  all kinds of army and marine related articles like vintage shoes, pants,  shirts and caps a for all you sailor boys... and girls? So cast off mates and get you duds! And now you all say: Aye Aye Captain!
Bis vintage clothing for both ladies and gents
This is small shop has big finds. They have great jackets, and pants gents and  for their sweethearts they have beautiful frocks, sweaters and accessories. It is worth it to stop in often to check if they have something you can’t live without because they get new things in constantly. So don’t be late and let someone else beat you to the best buys. Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25d          
Bis vintage shoes, bags & accessories
This is a shop girls dream about with loads of fantastic vintage bags, shoes, boots and belts. Gals we guarantee you will start drooling when you walk in the door. They have an impressive selection of shoes and bags from the 30’s till the 80’s that are hard to find elsewhere. They get new things in often so be sure to stop by regularly and check out what they have new in stock that’s the Bee’s knee’s.
Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25b          




I Love Vintage (Atelierboutique - Prinsengracht 201 - Amsterdam )

Besides the large range of vintage items from the 40’s till 90’s at ilovevintage.nl, they also have a beautiful ILV Atelierboutique at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The shop feels like a walk in closet and is neatly arranged compared to most vintage stores. The vintage clothing, pumps, boots, bags and accessories have been selected with care, and are cared for with love. You can have a look at the daily tasks which include model photography, updating the online store, customizing dresses and more. Furthermore ILV also offers a wide range of ‘novintage’ products; lovely brands which sell in small quantities, and little dresses, necklaces and purses made by hand. ILV is the perfect store for women who seek for femininity and unique pieces which will be loved for years and years.

Being passionate about the 20's and the 50's, ILV is also specialized in these beautiful era's. Whether you're in search of a complete pin-up outfit from head to toe including the most gorgeous handmade 50's style dress, or you need an outfit for a razzin' roaring twenties party, the staff is there to help you to complete your look!





Other tips:

Waterlooplein (Market - Amsterdam)
Check out the market on the Waterlooplein  in the center of the city next to the court house. It’s filled with new and vintage goodies and surprises of all sorts. It is open Monday through Saturday so stop by on your day off and check it out.

The Noorder markt
 It’s worth the stop at this interesting and fun 2nd hand market where you can find vintage goodies for a typical Amsterdam market price. They also have biological food. The market is situated on the Noodermakt 4 next to the Noorderkerk and is open from 9 till 14:00 on Mondays and from 10 till 17:00 on Saturdays.


Back-Stage (make-up/wigs etc)
Rozengracht 101
T: 020 622 12 67 http://back-stage.nl

Back Stage is already more than 25 years the shop for professional makeup and theater equipment. The staff are very helpful and friendly.
For years professional artists from the fashion, film and theater industry as well as the conscious consumer know to find their way to the Rozengracht 101-103 in Amsterdam. For the right accessories, make-up and hairproducts for a stylish (theme) party Back Stage is the place to go. Order online or come along to the Rozengracht and meet our enthusiastic staff. All employees are qualified makeup artists and most of them are also parttime active as freelance visagist / Makeup artist. Come to the store and find your perfect (theme) look!


Rosa Curiosa (Shop - Spuistraat 181, Amsterdam)

Girls… you have to see this. Rosa’s little shop in the Spuistraat is full of adorable clothes and accessories new and old. She sells the most delectable t-bar shoes in all different colors and has cute 20’s style headbands that she makes herself! She has bags and gloves and about everything a girl could dream of and will make your heart beat faster.




Make-up, Hair and Clothing...Choose your sex:





If all this information makes it only more difficult for you,
please see the picture galleries of dressed up people at our previous parties!




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